Zitz is one of the three toads and the team's leader. His real name is Morgan Ziegler, and he's differentiated from the other Battletoads by wearing a belt and gloves. His advantage is not force, like Pimple's. He can think as well as fight, as his motto says. He was yellow in the first battletoads and green in the other versions.

Smash Hits

Zitz's Smash Hits reflect his intelligence, incorporating mechanized weapons.

  • Soarin' Sawblade: A buzzsaw emerges from Zitz's leg in midair.
  • Battledozer: Zitz's arms merge and transform into a spiked bulldozer when he charges enemies.
  • Drilla Killa: Zitz's arm turns into a drill that he stabs into a fallen enemy.
  • Kiss My Fist: The standard attack where the 'toad's fist enlarges, but Zitz is shown to sprout spikes from his knuckles using this move in the arcade game.
  • Full Metal Saws: Zitz transforms both of his hands into giant saws and proceeds to cut the enemy

In the Animated Pilot

In the animated series pilot Morgan/Zitz speaks with a slight Southern drawl and had light green skin in his Battletoads form. He was voiced by Ian Corlett.

Character Information

Name: Zitz, The Smartest Toad of All, The Genius Toad

Height: 6,8 Ft.

Weight: 196 Lbs.

Skin color: Yellow or light green, the true color of all toads; Teal since Battletoads/Double Dragon, and remained so up until Super Battletoads.

Birthdate: March 10th, 1980

Toad field: Scientist/non fighting toad

Other skills&weapons: Tactical genius, computer genius, science genius, technical and robotics professor of all sciences

Description: Nerdy, Dorky, and just someone who's super lame, he can't do 1 thing right!

Favorite things: Computers and Dexter's laboratory.

Idols: Albert Einstein, sir Isaac Newton