Zarbon is an elite warrior who values beauty and his physical appearance above all else. He is considered to be very handsome and he wears a heavily cultural garb. He has long green braided hair and his head apparel tiara and earrings reminiscent of a high-class prince.

He is very vain and he considers himself to be of the highest standard due to his background and his good looks. It is unknown how old he actually is, but he looks to be in his late thirties to early forties.

He also wears a very long light blue cape, as well as a very cultural leg and arm-wear. Along with his choice of clothing, he wears the common armor that most of Frieza's military men have, including the shoulder pads and a blue scouter.

Because of his vanity, he healed Vegeta´s wounds to interrogate him about the Dragon Balls, but Vegeta´s power increased because of this, which ironically led to Zarbon´s own demise as Vegeta ruthlessly penetrates Zarbon´s abdomen and then Vegeta proceeds to use an energy ball within his guts, sending him to a watery grave.