Wolfgang is an antagonist in the Nicktoon series, Hey Arnold!

He runs the 5th and often likes to bully Arnold's class of 4th graders. He also has a rivalry with them and often faces the group in sports activities. Despite sources claiming him to be about 10 years old, he is immensely strong, able to grab most of the 4th graders with one arm and once flattened a mailbox while practicing football.

He is also a bit intelligent, thinking that by avoiding dunking Arnold and Gerald in the trash, he could end an entire culture of violence (though he did it anyway) and takes oboe lessons. He is also very superstitious and was once terrified being surrounded by 13 black cats on Friday the 13th


He was created when Toran Caudell, the voice for Arnold in the first season, was going through puberty and couldn't talk like Arnold anymore.