Wolf as a human.

Wolf is a major villain in the animated series, Gargoyles. He is the Strongman of The Pack, and a descendant of Hakon, the Viking leader who initiated the massacre at Castle Wyvern. In time, Wolf has become one of the Manhattan Clan's most ferocious enemies. He particularly views Goliath as his main rival and adversary.

His real name is currently unknown, though his surname is likely to be reminiscent of Hakon. Although, one time, creator Greg Weisman posited in jest that his real name was "Rolf." Not yet confirmed in-universe, Wolf is said to have been born in 1957, which would make him 37 years old at the start of the series in 1994.

All that's known of his past is that he was a mercenary recruited by Fox into becoming a member of The Pack. Prior to pre-upgrade events, Wolf eventually become popularized by many fans of the Pack. However, one of his most notorious deeds is working for Xanatos to stop the Manhattan Clan from completing their mission. Wolf eventually became mutated by Coyote in order to become more powerful toward defeating the Manhattan Clan, which is the most despicable combat toward gargoyles.

Wolf consistently tried to become the leader of the Pack, but was continually bested by Coyote-by both show of strength, and democracy. It is unknown whether Wolf has fully mutated or, like the Mutates, is still changing in appearance.

Physical Description


Wolf as a mutate.

Wolf is obsessively muscular, and very competitive, always eager to fight someone who is challenging him. He has a dominant and aggressive mindset, including a growing obsession with physically overpowering anyone stronger than him, specifically Goliath. He initially wore a pack outfit that revealed his large biceps. After being sent to prison, he temporarily wore an undershirt and jeans, he had eventually ripped his undershirt off in mid-conversation to display his strength towards Coyote. After the mutation, he appears as a larger and masculine anthropomorphic wolf-man, only wearing a one-piece spandex and golden wrist cuffs. He is the only member to have mutated, and is often teased about this by the other members of the pack. As a wolf-man, he becomes more faster and agile, using his claws as a deadly weapon.

Before his mutation, he has long flowing gray hair, which is braided, and steel gray eyes. After his mutation, his hair turns white to match the complexion of his gray haired wolf-body, and his eyes turn red.