One of the strongest fighters in the universe in both the anime and manga versions of Dragon Ball Z, Vegito is

the fusion of both Vegeta and Goku using the powers of the Potara earrings to merge into one powerful saiyan. The heroes first fused like this during the Buu saga in an attempt to destroy Super Buu, later reappearing when the heroes needed to face off against the villain Zamasu in the series Dragon Ball Super.

When not in super saiyan mode and sporting that form's signature golden hair, Vegito's natural hair color is a dark brown. His clothing is also a fusion of Goku's and Vegeta's, the hero wearing a dark blue gi with an orange undershirt, white gloves and boots, and of course the yellow Potara earrings that hang from his ears. The fusion also draws from the personalities of both Goku and Vegeta, having the arrogant nature of the later as well as the playfulness of the former.

Muscle Growth

During episode 270 of the anime, titled Rip in the Universe, Vegito is forced to go through an unwilling muscle


growth transformation while in his super saiyan form. After having suffering a series of continuous defeats at the fused hero's hands and unable to hurt the warrior with any of his attacks, the vicious Super Buu starts to become enraged, liquefying his entire body and force-feeding himself down the throat of his opponent.

This technique, named Dangerous Liquid Bomb, is a horrific yet powerful attack used by Majin Buu in his Super Buu form. With every drop of his pink body Vegito is forced to swallow, the saiyan grows more and more ridiculously engorged. Unlike the gunman that Buu used this attack previously on however, the powerful Vegito becomes freakishly muscular instead of hideously obese and exploding. Unable to defend against such a bizarre surprise attack, Vegito is forced to swallow Super Buu's entire body, leaving his own body tremendously buff, every muscle engorge as though in a monstrous parody of the fused warrior's massive power.


His desperate attempt to invade his opponent's body seemingly having succeeded, Super Buu wastes no time gloating from within his new host's body. Super Buu forces Vegito's already swollen back muscles to bulge and ripple at his whim, demonstrating the total control he has over the fighter's body as he claims that he will tear his enemy apart from the inside. A shocked Vegito seems startled at first as he tries to understand what just happened to his body, his confused expression making it seem as though the now hulking warrior isn't sure how to counter his opponent's latest attack. After regaining his composure however, Vegito realizes that he is far from helpless to fight back against Super Buu's control. Despite Buu's warnings that he will only grow stronger if Vegito powers up, the saiyan begins to roar and channel his ki, focusing it against the villain inside his own body.

Slowly but steadily Vegito's gigantically beefy muscles begin to shrink back down to their normal size, and with a


great deal of strain and effort on the saiyan's part, he is finally able to compress Super Buu's liquified form into one small area of his body at a time. Struggling to break Vegito's control over him, Buu moves throughout Vegito's body, bulging and popping up on various muscles in an attempt to expand the saiyan's body once more, only to be beaten as Vegito strikes the liquified villain from the outside wherever he pops up on his body. After this last pathetic struggle, Buu finally forces his body back out the same way he entered, reforming his body and completely tired and humiliated by his latest failed attempt to kill the mighty Vegito for good.