Uvogin was a villain from the anime/manga series, Hunter X Hunter and a member of the Phantom Troupe and was the strongest member in terms of physical strength, although Chrollo was the most powerful.

He is only a member to looks for fights and kills but does not like to steal. Although he is quite barbaric in a fight, he holds the other members in very high regard, once even kissing Shalnark on the cheek as thanks for some advice, much to Shalnark's chagrin.

His nen abilities not only enhance his strength, but toughen his skin into a powerful armor able to withstand explosives and bullets.

In his final fight with Kurapika, he was ensnared by Kurapika's chain jail ability, rendering him unable to use nen. Kurapika's Judgement Chain then pierced Uvogin's heart with Kurapika telling him that under the conditions, he must answer his questions truthfully about the Phantom Troupe. Uvogin refuses to answer Kurapika's questions and the Judgement Chain crushes his heart killing him instantly. He was buried at the site of battle and rattles the rest of the Phantom Troupe.