Commander Ulysses Feral is the by-the-book, well-intentioned leader of Megakat City’s paramilitary Enforcers who are tasked with defending the city against a host of threats.

Oftentimes uncompromising in his outlook towards criminal activity, Commander Feral has no time for what he deems reckless hotshot vigilantes, like the SWAT Kats. This has frequently put him at odds with Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs, who has made her support of the SWAT Kats no secret.

This, in addition to his blatant dislike of Mayor Manx (calling Manx a coward and a fool on many occasions), has often forced Feral to stand alone. While he has occasionally put out notices to arrest the SWAT Kats, Commander Feral isn’t blind to their actions in saving Megakat City, and is mostly content to allow them to leave the scene and lambast them to the media.

Enter the Madkat