Ubu War SOB

Ubu as he appeared in Son of Batman.

Ubu is a minor antagonist and right hand of the terrorist, Ra's Al Ghul, one of Batman's most powerful foes.

Incredibly loyal to Ra's, he hates Batman immensely but usually tolerates him due to Ra's respect for the detective. Ubu often uses his imposing figure to scare foes away from Ra's and has very little combat experience and his strength is relative to a man his height, age, and weight that does regular intensive exercise. He also lacks physical discipline and has very low stamina making him a very weak foe to Batman.

In the film Son of Batman, Ubu allied himself with the mercenary, Deathstroke and etrayed Ra's. Damian confronted Ubu who had two prostitutes with him and lost to the child, requiring hospitalization.