Tomba is a young feral boy that appeared in only two video games named after him on the Sony PlayStation.

While in the first game, he appears as a young boy, he is given a more updated look in the sequel, becoming more muscular.

In the first game, Tomba seeks to recover his grandfather's bracelet from the seven Evil Pigs, evil wizards that conquered the islands that the game is set in.

Though he defeats the Evil Pigs, they return in the sequel, seeking revenge against him by kidnapping his childhood friend and girlfriend, Tabby. Tomba defeats them once again.

Despite being feral, he is a knowledgeable young man and is civilized enough to listen to other people's requests, also showing a kind heart. Tomba attacks by lunging and using various weapons.


  • The company that made the games, Whoopee Camp, went out of business shortly after Tomba 2 was released. The games are rare and hard to find as a result.