Tom from the "Tom and Jerry" franchise is a tuxedo cat, who had multiple forms/takes of muscle over the years in 
New Bad Tom 1

Basic Tom from Tom and Jerry Show from 2014/2016

different incarnations.

Classic Shorts

Muscle Beach Tom

Tom uses balloons under a swimsuit to give an illusion of muscle and strength... while it actually make him a light weight.

The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show

In the short "The Incredible Shrinking Cat" a chase between Tom and Jerry leads them to the castle of an inventor. Jerry gets a hold of one them, a grow/shrink ray, and used it to shrink Tom to be even smaller than Jerry, but then accidentally makes him grow even bigger than he original was, making him more muscular/obese. While having that advantage on the mouse, it was short lived; as Tom did the same to Jerry who greatly out grew the cat.

Tom and Jerry Kids

Doom Manor

A typical Tom and Jerry chase lead the 2  witch's manor. Tom is hired to chase Jerry for the wtich. Jerry finds some monster formula and torunces Tom multiple time. Tom drinks the formula himself near the end becomes a hulking monster for a second before turning back to normal, but at Jerry's size

Tom and Jerry Tales

"I Dream of Meanie"

In a setting close to Aladdin, Tom is a rich cat while Jerry is a "street rat" that tries to eat Tom's food. Jerry than finds the magic lamp with Spike as the Genie and uses him againist Tom, until Tom gets the lamp and uses it on Jerry. Then Tom inadventurely puts on Spike's genie hat (on his finger when reaching in the lamp) to become the genie and chases the 2... until Jerry grabs his lamp and controls him while Spike lives comfy with Jerry in Tom's former palace.

"Monster Con"

Working has VanHelsing's assistant, Tom chases Dracula's mouse, Jerry, throught his mansion durning a MonsterCon. Near the end, Tom gets attack by a wolf-man, and turns into a were-cat... and VanHelsing ends up chasing Tom.

"Beefccake Tom"

Tom is stuck in a slump, eating junk food, drinking soda, and watching TV. Jerry helps him by having him chase through a gym till Tom not only burns off the extra fat, but gain some impressive muscle. It ends with Tom thanking Jerry... and using him as a personal dumb-bell.

The Tom and Jerry Show


Dr. Digby creates some cookies that give people super powers, but only after they drink milk and it lasts only for 2-minute altogether. While Jerry and Nepolain used them againist Tom. The cat ate the whole tray and had dozen superpowers but timed out before he could finish the 2 rodents off.

"Say Cheese"

After eating some bad can-cheese, Tom has a nightmare where he is turned into a mouse and has to deal with himself, literally. Using magic and science, Tom turns his nightmare counterpart more and more giant monster.

"You Can't Handle the Tooth"

While chasing Jerry in the Witch Sister's home, Tom finds the Orge's tooth, a item that grants great power to those who hold it, but have to contend with the Orge itself is they use it. With it Tom easily over powers his witch owners and chases Jerry, who reflects his power back at him and wields the tooth himself.. till Tom snatches back and swallows it, giving him more power. But soon the cat had to deal with the Orge... only to find an even worst being for the tooth: the Tooth fiary herself... and the small fairy easily overpowers Tom and takes the tooth back... leaving Tom in a deflated defeat... as well a quater (Tooth Fairy always pays).

"Out With the Old"

After Tom failed to catch Jerry in their house, Tom's owners discuss if they should just throw Tom out, which Jerry likes... until they bring up they could bring another cat, who Jerry visualize as a bigger, stronger, meaner Tom.