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Tojo is the primary villain of the hentai OVA, Orchid Emblem, and is both Rei-Lan's enemy and lover

He is the leader of the Trident Foundation, a very powerful criminal organization. Tojo has an unquenchable thirst for money, power and sex. When Rei-Lan was captured trying to arrest Tojo, he has several of his men molest her and eventually coerce her while making her boyfriend/partner watch.

Tojo soon sees that Rei-Lan has amazing stamina and begins having sex with her nonstop, making two girls jealous. He soon has High Priest Shin make the legendary Rising Dragon tattoo Rei-Lan's back during a 3 days and 3 nights nonstop intercourse that ultimately binds them (Tojo's tattoo reflected after he came inside of Rei-Lan)

Rei-Lan escapes after finding the corpse of he former partner and boyfriend, Doug, hidden in one of the rooms in the ship. Disgusted with herself for giving her body and heart to Tojo she bows revenge and trains in martial arts for four years. After defeating several of his men and his most powerful bodyguard Ryui, Rei-Lan attempts to kill Tojo but Tojo explained to her why Doug had to be killed and after showing proof of this Rei-Lan forgave him and admitted that their bond makes it impossible for her to actually hurt Tojo, they made up, had sex and Rei-Lan is shown in the ending of the film to have come to affectionate terms with Tojo as she kissed him before her match.