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A classic Looney Tunes character. He is a tuxedo cat who is always the worst luck when looking for a meal, be it the fastest mouse in all of Mexico or the pet canary of his elderly owner. He is the father to his son, Sylvester Junior, and mentor to Tiny Toons' Furball.

Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries

Good Bird Hunting

While joining Granny on her trip to Machu Picchu for a lost ancient idol, Sylvester's attempts to snack on Tweety bird has been harder by Puma Pete trying to eat the canary too. After their first enounter, Sylvester finds the idol, and using it's power to fight the lion to get Tweety back.

Loonatics Unleashed

Syth Vester

Sylth Vester

The "descendant" of the Sylvester who is the native of Planet Blanc. Over the time of his life, he was hired by Queen Granny to stop the Royal Tweetums from taking the throne and ruling Blanc; however,  with each encounter the canary princes and bad ol' paddy cat lead to the cat to be greatly injured; which lead to him getting his body be augmented to the point his entire body might just be a robot suit, saved for certien parts and organs. When Tweetums was being escoted to Blanc by the Loonatics, Sylth captured Danger Duck, planing to use him as a hsotage to stop the team, but soon the 2 where caught up on their hatred for Tweetums and comparing scars they got from him. This disctrated him where not only Tweetums blew up his ship, but also allowed Ace Rabbit to figure out that he was working for the Queen, which then lead to him being prison on Blanc forawhile, until the Loonatics return to respond to a distress call from Tweetums, to which Sylth offered his services to the Loonatics to track Tweetums down in exchange for getting out of jail. Even though he help the team, he did eventually turned on the team when given the opportunity to save himself when it seemed like the bad guys would have win... and when they didn't he tried to switch back to the good guys, only to be held prisoner again.