The "3rd member" of comedy trio that is Tom and Jerry. Usually, Spike (sometimes known as Butch in some shorts) is sleeping or doing his own thing until Tom and Jerry's antics drag him into their fights, sometimes just protecting Jerry (rather if he does it for a favor or Jerry setting Tom up). He also a father to his puppy boy, Tyke.

Classic Shorts

Tom and Jerry Tales

Zent out of Shape

Taking place in a tradtional Japanese setting, Tom  is a Zen gardner, but Jerry's music is bother to him. The 2 clash as always, that is until a Godzilla-style Spike emgerges from the sea and threatens them both. As he gets a hold of Tom and ready to eat the cat, Jerry uses his music to calm him down and have him dance with Tom until late in the night.

I Dream of Meanie

In a setting close to Aladdin, Tom is a rich cat while Jerry is a "street rat" that tries to eat Tom's food. Jerry than finds the magic lamp with Spike as the Genie and uses him againist Tom, until Tom gets the lamp and uses it on Jerry. Then Tom inadventurely puts on Spike's genie hat (on his finger when reaching in the lamp) to become the genie and chases the 2... until Jerry grabs his lamp and controls him while Spike lives comfy with Jerry in Tom's former palace.

Tom and Jerry Show

Movies and Spin-offs

Tom and Jerry and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Spike is a worker/transporter for Willy Wonka's chocolate. He gets tangled up with Tom and Jerry's antics when they try to steal a crate of Wonka-Bars for Charlie Bucket. He also appears to be a cohort in "Slugworth"'s plan with Charlie, which leads to Tom and Jerry trying to stop them both.