Samson the Strongman
Samson the Strongman is a member of Mr. Barnstorm's circus.

Physical appearance

He is a big, tall, bulky, and muscular Caucasian male. He is bald, but has a black handle-bar mustache. He wears a light blue body suit and dark blue sweat bands.


He seems very cheerful, but, despite his power, he's afraid of the Ghost Clown.

Skills and abilities

Being a power lifter, he can lift just about anything that's heavy.


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season one

The gang caught Samson and Max the Midget's tandem bike split in half while they were riding, and the accident that followed. After Scooby-Doo saved Max as he fell from a high branch, the latter told the them they had left the circus they were working at because they thought it was jinxed. They then went on with fixing their bike.

Samson returned after the gang solved the mystery (although the same can't be said for Max).