Sage is a recurring character from All Hail King Julien.


In the episode Eat Prey Shove, Sage met Clover while she was on vacation. Seeing as he looked almost identical to a character in her fanfic's, Clover was quick to fall in love, thinking he'd act just like the same character. She even mistakenly called him the characters name, Norj, and tried to get him to rescue her.

To her dismay, he didn't. He was nearly the exact opposite, caring more about peace, meditating and talking to butterflies, against Clover's growing annoyance. Finally, when she couldn't stand him anymore, she punched him, telling him furiously that he didn't deserve to have those abs.

At the end of the episode, Sage found Clover at the lemur kingdom where she was battling herds of fossa that had began attacking while she was away. Right when one was about to tackle her, Sage shoved it off. Together the two fought off the rest, forgiving each other over the previous events. After making sure they had closure, Sage was carried off by a bird.

In the episode, The Man In The Iron Booty, Sage was sent by Clover's twin sister, Crimson, to kill Clover. He sent her gifts to get her to trust him, and eventually wanted to meet her on the mountain to put the plan into action. Unknowingly to him, he thought Crimson was Clover. And didn't understand why Clover would want him to send himself to kill her. However, he went along with it, and once realising it was a scam, went with Clover to Feartopia to rescue the others. Clover and Crimson fought it out, Clover asking "how could you have hired my sort of ex-boyfriend -well not really, but he had really big arms so there was that. But anyway -to kill me?!"

At the end of the episode, Sage and Crimson ended up getting together, ignoring how backstabbed Clover felt by her sister and stayed together, so far, until the episode King Juli-END, where they were last seen at what's assumed to be their home, where Sage made Crimson dirt and pine cones.

He also appeared in the episode, Body Double, where Julien chose Sage to be his replacement for a meeting with the crocodile kingdom. However, Sage got injured and wasnt able too, but in the same episode he was carried by the bird again, along with Julien and Clover.

In the fourth season on the episode Koto, Plain and Tall, it is revealed that his real name is Babak as mentioned by his brother Koto. Sage also tries to warn King Julien that Koto is plotting to take over his kingdom. Sage then takes Clover away with him from Koto ad Clover begs him for help

He became a major important character on the final season entitled All Hail King Julien: Exiled where he teams up with Clover in order to exact his revenge on Koto. On the final episode, The Day Before Tomorrow, Sage engages in a battle with Koto. Sage is about to finish Koto off until Clover begs Sage to spare him upon realizing she learned that he would do what her knows in his heart is right. After Koto's death, Sage and Clover's relationship began to mend as they showed their feelings to one another and Sage became new king of the mountain lemurs with a much better life.