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Rudy is the main character is the Eroge/RPG video game, Brave Soul, which was the first game of its kind to ever be ported into English.

After having a dream of a naked blue-haired goddess, Rudy wakes up in the woods, having been kicked out of his home by his own father and bound. After his pet dragon frees him from his binding he goes through the woods and hears a woman scream. He runs towards the scream and saves a blue-haired girl named Alicia from some goblins. Alicia becomes his first ally (and potential love interest depending on player choice). Rudy then decides to become a Hunter, a mercenary employed to many adventures, which gains him several more female allies, each of which becomes a potential love interest.

Ruby is capable of wearing heavy armor and wields big swords. His defense and HP are very high but his magic is terrible.