Rash, who's real name is Dave Shar, is the mascot of the three toads. He is known to move quickly, and is differenciated from Zitz and Pimple by his black shades.

Rash has been playable in every Battletoads game except for the Battletoads Game Boy sequel.

In Battletoads, he is the character that you play as when in first-player mode. He does not wear his shades in-game, but wears them in his profile screen.

Rash is going to appear as a playable guest character in Killer Instinct for the Xbox One as the first character in Season 3 in March 2016, a beta test of Rash was released on August 04 2015, the beta test ends on September the 8th 2015.

Smash Hits

Ball n' Chain:Rash delivers a leg sweep(or a kick) in which his foot turns into a spiked ball

Spiked Boot Thrust:Rash charges towards his enemy, turns his foot into a giant boot with spiked floor and kicks his enemy right in his face/chest

Flying Battleaxe:A jump kick in which Rash's foot turns into a giant axe

SideArm Slice:Rash gives a sidearm punch with his giant fist extended

Steel Claw Strike: Rash turns his hands into steel claws and the proceeds to jam them on the face of a downed enemy

Springin' Stamp:Rash turns his legs into springs

Character Information

Name: Rash, The Super Cool Toad, The Warrior Toad

Height: 6,3 Ft.

Weight: 182 Lbs.

Skin color: Toad green

Birthdate: July 26th, 1981

Toad field: Professor T-Bird ship security

Other skills&weapons: Rap/rock artist, black belt in Karate, excellent painter, likes videogames and superheroes, thinks real

Description: Super cool, flamboyant, and naive to little things, a true super egomaniac and narcissistic bad toad

Favorite things: Princess Angelica, hot women, fighting with Dark Queenie, expensive shades of all types, smashing bullies with the kiss my fist, especially those ugly pigs of Dark Queens army.

Idols: His biceps, Arnold Shwarzenagger, Billy and Jimmy Lee, Mick Jagger, Van Halen, ACDC, N.W.A., Ice T