S1E9 Marco covers Star's eyes

Dude, did you really want your son and a magical princess to see that?

Rafael Diaz is a minor character in the hit Disney animated series, Star Vs. the Forces of Evil. He is the father of Marco Diaz, the main male protagonist and the host father of Star Butterfly, the main female protagonist.

He is a devoted and loving father, often having a pleasant mood and always optimistic. Like his wife, he was won over by Star Butterfly and took her in as a host daughter. He has great artistic skills and sculpted a stone statue of Star head. Though Marco loves his father, Rafael's personality can irritate Marco at times.

Despite his overly friendly personality, messing with his family is one of the only ways to get him angry. When the evil spirit Hungry Larry ate his son and Star, Rafael angrily jumped into Larry's mouth and forced Larry to regurgitate them as well as the other children he ate. Rafael forced the spirit to leave afterwards, not giving him a chance to explain his motives.