Powdered Toast Man is the resident toast-based superhero of the Ren and Stimpy universe. He is an eccentric superhero and the mascot of Powdered Toast, who saves the world from catastrophe while at the same time making a wholesome and nutritious Powdered Toast-based breakfast for all the hungry girls and boys of the world.

His origins, mission and where he got his shorts are a complete mystery to all mortal men, the only thing truly known about him is that he is a hero of justice and a distributor of Powdered Toast. His secret identity is that of Mr. Toastman, the cool youth deacon who works during the day as a government clerk. The only one who knows his identity is his faithful female assistant. In his final adventure, he became president of the United States after the last president became incapacitated, and after being sworn into office he appeared to have lost his mind, having relieved the people of their basic human rights and then he nonchalantly destroyed the Bill of Rights and American Constitution, using all of America's most important documents as fuel for his fireplace and focusing all of the country's efforts on deciding which of the Three Stooges should get their own stamp and what kind of Kremlin he should purchase. The insane and corrupted president was last seen in a romantic moment with his assistant.


His powers come from the rich and nutritious vitamin K which endows him with the ability to turn into powdered toast to move through small openings like windows and doors, the ability to create toast from his own body scrapings at any time, a phone tongue and also the ability to fly via his powdered butt which creates a powerful gust of deliciously powdery and eye-irritating flatulent goodness. Because he flies with his butt, he always flies backwards and people must either ride atop or clench tightly to his buttocks if they wish to fly with him. Other powers include the ability to sense when the President is in danger and when this occurs his toast particles will dissipate. His magic tights also inflate whenever anyone else is in danger.