Pimple, who's real name is George Pie, is the largest of the three Battletoads. In the game he debuted in, Battletoads, he was colored green. Starting in Battletoads/Double Dragon, he became a brown color.

Pimple is not as smart as his friends Rash and Zitz, but comes to the rescue when they need a hand. He prefers to fight rather than talk, which has sometimes got him in trouble. But most of the time that attitude got him out of sticky situations.

His motto is,

"When brain power fails, brute force prevails!"


Pimple is seen during the title screen cutscene in Battletoads as the Toad who has been kidnapped along with Princess Angelica and held in the Gargantua with the Dark Queen on her homeplanet, Ragnarok. He is not a playable character, even though he still appears in the ending.

In Battletoads/Double Dragon, Pimple has obtained his familiar brown color. He is also a playable character.

The tan toad is also the main playable character in Battletoads in Battlemaniacs, and is even given his own special moves. And last but not least, he appears in the Battletoads arcade game (Super Battletoads). Unlike other games, he is different from Rash and Zitz when it comes to ways of fighting. Pimple is slow, but is much more powerful than the others and can kill enemies with a less number of hits.

Smash Hits

Pimple's Smash Hits are large and simplistic, doing massive damage in a single blow by incorporating things such as anvils, hammers and one-ton weights. In general he prefers to fight with this fists rather than his feet.

  • BT Big Hammer: Pimple's arm turns into a sledge hammer.
  • Kiss My Fist:Pimple's fist enlarges as he punches his enemy(used on battlemaniacs while riding the discs)
  • Wun-Tun Stomp: Pimple's leg turns into a one-ton weight when he stomps on an enemy's head.
  • Charge n' Barge: Pimple charges into an enemy, generating a giant football helmet and shoulder pads as he hits them with a headbutt.
  • Jawbuster:Pimple's fist enlarges as he uppercuts his enemy(His fist turns into stone when the opportunity is given)
  • Anvil Swipe: Pimple's fist turns into an anvil while delivering an attack in midair.
  • Big Bad Boot: Pimple transforms his feet into a giant boot and he kicks his enemies(usually on the face or the butt)
  • Battle Butt:As he headbutts his enemy huge ram horns emerge out of his head

Character Information

Name: Pimple, The Strongest Toad of All, The Brute Toad

Height: 7,4 Ft.

Weight: 280 Lbs.

Skin color: Brown

Birthdate: April 20th, 1980

Toad field: Pawn/The fighting toad

Other skills&weapons: Large size, mean and tough, egotistical, good at contact sports

Description: Egotistical and dopey

Favorite things: Sports and good food

Idols: Bulldozers, his penis, Apes, Big Blag