Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is one of the main characters from Family Guy.

Too Sexy for his Fat

After his son Chris suffered from self-image problems due to his overweight, both he and Peter look into different methods of helping him. One option was liposuction. Chris turn this down, but Peter tried it. Later on, plastic surgery came up, and Peter considered trying it. Lois then tried to reassure Peter that he is fine even with his faults... to which Peter took as what he needed to change. Lois became disgusted by his actions and how shallow and fake he has made himself, but found herself overly sexual attracted by his appearance until Brian brought her out of it. After getting noticed for being handsome and getting accepted into an handsome-elite club, Peter became rude and vain (even more so) to his family, especially to Chris and Lois. In a fit of rage, Peter drove to the club to be with his fellow handsome people, only to become entrance by his own handsomeness in his rear veiw mirror instead of watching the road. This lead him into a horrible car crash that made him land in a vat of lard, which he consume before being place in the hospital, which lead him to be back to his old self. At the end of episode, Peter claims to have learned nothing from this experience.