Ookla the Mok is a companion of Thundarr the Barbarian, from the show of the same name.

He first met Thundarr when he was captured and enslaved by the evil wizard Sabian, where he helped in the slave revolt. He has been with him ever since.

Despite his great strength, half way through the 1st Season of the show, Ookla is made into a comic relief character, as well as a male damsel for Thundarr to rescue.

Ookla speaks a guttural, growling language that is difficult for others to speak. The massive musculature and growling speech sometimes gives the impression that he is an uncivilized beast. However, he greatly enjoys music - though sadly he’s not a very good dancer.

Physical Description


As a Mok, Ookla has great strength, usually fighting by ripping up a nearby sapling or piece of wreckage to club his enemies. He once sneezed and knocked down a door in an episode. On a few occasions, he is shown to use a longbow that fires a type of paralyzing arrow. However, he is also the most likely of the heroes to charge right into an enemy attack or to be enraged by unusual nuisances or threats.

Ookla is a large, muscular lionman like humanoid, with a black and dark-gray beastly face, amber eyes, with cat-like pupils, black pointy ears, blond mane, three-fingered (plus thumb) claws, and cinnamon-brown fur. He is dressed in only black boots and underwear. Moks tend to have a strong, musky smell.