Ned Flanders is the next door neighbor of the Simpson family in the long lasting animated series, The Simpsons.

He is a very friendly individual and an extremely devout Christian to the point where Homer once called him holier than Jesus. However, he has shown intolerant views of other faiths, once trying to convert Apu by mocking his Hindu faith and considered Lisa a devil worshipper for going Buddhist. Also even though he is very friendly and most of the time good natured, his temper does show up on occasion.

He was married to Maude Flanders until her untimely death (caused by Homer's stupidity) and eventually married Edna Krabappel who was written out of the show due to the passing of her voice actress Marcia Wallace.

Though quite muscular, his easy going nature often make him a target of Homer's selfishness, though Homer eventually considers Flanders a friend despite the fact that Flanders also annoys him.