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Mr. Gar  is a secondary character in Lakewood Plaza Turbo. He is the property manager of the Lakewood Plaza Turbo and seems to take a lot of pride in his work. He also owns Gar's Bodega, where he is employer of KO, Radicles, Enid and others. 


Mr. Gar is shown to be a very strong character, with an even stronger personality. He is extremely serious about his business and the plaza as a whole, as he became very upset when the sign was vandalized by the use of graffiti in the Pilot. Many of the other characters see him as very wise, and look up to him as an authority figure of some kind. He seems to care what people think of him to, at least, some extent, as he read Radicles' text, which read "...The boss is really cool..." and he turned red in the face.

He is shown to value his employees and take them very seriously, and praises them for working hard. He is also shown to have a disliking towards laziness, as he is shown to call Radicles a "brat" and a "slacker" in some of the shorts.


  • Mr. Gar shares a close resemblance to Final Fight's protagonist, Haggar. In fact, both characters share a signature move, the Piledriver.
    • The name "Mr. Gar" is likely a nod to Haggar as well.