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Moto Moto is a handsome, muscular hippopotamus with a deep voice who loves to play hide and seek with the girl hippos and enjoys flirting with them by use of words or by flexing his chest muscles. He isn't extremely bright, but is a sweet ladies' man.

Moto Moto is described by him as being "aggressive but friendly," and is the way the standard male hippo should look. He falls in love with Gloria and she is delighted. But later as they have their date in a lake, he confesses that the only reason he really loves her is for her body. Gloria accepts this until Melman shows up and tells him everything that Gloria likes and hates. Though Gloria and Moto Moto have broken up, they still remain best friends.

Melman frequently mispronounces his name, mostly on purpose to annoy or insult him.

Moto Moto means "hot hot" in Swhalili .