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Monstroso is an antagonist in The Venture Bros. series. He is an influential supervillain and a lawyer of the Mammoth Corporation.

He was voiced by Christopher McCulloch.


Monstroso was a 13-foot tall supervillain who served as the attorney for the members of The Council of 13. He had numerous affiliations and was targeted by both the O.S.I. and S.P.H.I.N.X.. Monstroso had a personal army of henchmen called the Associates, who wear red hoods with an embroidered "M" on the front, some of which were former The Monarch henchmen who joined up after the Monarch went to prison. Monstroso was reputable for his penchant to double-cross and offering his cigars to his clients. He had a romantic relationship with Molotov Cocktease, which made Brock Samson extremely jealous. He also had previously made deals with The Investors, whom worked for by proxy of his membership with the Guild of Calamitous Intent.

Pinstripes & Poltergeists

Monstroso tries to double-cross the Monarch by seizing Rusty Venture's property and his own through legitimate means. He is prevented by Henchman 21 and Brock Samson, and exposing Monstroso's plans.

After his ordeal with Henchman 21 and Brock Samson, Monstroso has been dying of congestive heart failure, and makes a deal with The Investors to prevent his death via a surgery. The Investors kidnap Billy Quizboy to operate his surgery by replacing his failing heart with King Gorilla's, and Monstroso returns Billy's favor by forging his credentials that officially recognize him as a doctor along with a night with three prostitutes. After the surgery, S.P.H.I.N.X. capture Monstroso. However, Monstroso eventually escapes with the help of his lover, Molotov Cocktease.

O.S.I. Love You

Monstroso and Molotov are recaptured by O.S.I. and brought to the O.S.I.'s hover carrier. Brock is interrogated by Brock and freely tells him everything he knows about the Guild, as he claims to be "as good as dead" anyway since the Guild would come for him. When Molotov escapes and causes O.S.I. personnel to be distracted, Monstroso's fears come true when The Investors appear before him and killed him by phasing out of the hover carrier and drops him to his death. Brock was the last person who saw Monstroso, but he did not see The Investors. The O.S.I. listed Monstroso as officially "Missing".