Mitch Downe is Neil's older brother and a main character in the movie ParaNorman. He acts as the unaware target of Courtney's attraction. He is 20-year-old.

He's apparently lacking in the brain department, but makes up for it in an impressive amount of muscles and driving skills. He's passionate about weight lifting and the condition of his van. Over the course of the 300th anniversary of the Witch's hanging, he acts initially as Courtney's driver to find Norman, then as a sidekick throughout the rest of the movie.

While looking for Norman, Mitch, Courtney, and Neil run into the cursed seven zombies, who are pursuing Norman. They pull Norman into the van and attempt to escape the Zombies, but the Judge Zombie clings to Mitch's van. During this, Mitch is able to drive relatively well while only causing small accidents.

As the evening wears on, Mitch joins the others in believing Norman's talents and ends up helping to save the town. After the final confrontation between Norman and Agatha, Courtney gets the courage to ask Mitch out. Mitch replies that he has a boyfriend who is into chick flicks.