A chief to a herd of Taures, a kind of Minotaur in the world of Dofus, Mandhal has his sons do "grocery shopping" at the Flaqueux village, which is made of puddle/slime people.

Wakfu Series

The Magnificat 5

While the Brother of the Tofu trained the village to defend themselves from Mandhal's sons, they were not prepared to deal with himself. The manage to work in to have Yugo fight him. In size and power, the Taure had Yugo beat, but the young Eliatrope discovered his portal powers to redirect his attack and send the bully flying, where he is knocked out by the statue of the Flaqueux Villege hero.


Video Game

In a special eddition of the Dofus game, the player can play a level based on the episode of the series.