Lance Strongbow is Flynn Rider's childhood best friend and former partner in Tangled: The Series.


He has tan skin and wears golden earrings and a golden necklace.


He is arrogant and easygoing, He is usually shown with a smile on his face and enjoys telling tales of his adventures, often stretching them. He is a kleptomaniac, tending to steal things such as when he first goes to Rapunzel's castle (though Eugene has him return the items). He tends to lie, cheat, steal, and scam people. He has a friendly attitude that makes him approachable, though his boastfulness makes him less than charming. He tends to not know when he isn't wanted and will often do things without regard to people's feelings. While he is used to lying and stealing due to his upbringing and even uses Eugene's trust and friendship to force him to be an accomplice for a theft, he genuinely values his friendship with him, enough to the point that he tells Rapunzel to put al the blame on him for their actions in stealing. He has shown to reform by the end of the episode though it is a slow process as he donates most of the goods he had stolen (but keeps one chalice) and eats all of the dinner Pascal prepared for him and Rapunzel.


Tangled: The Series

Arnwaldo Schnitz was orphaned at a young age. In his youth, his only friend was another small boy in the orphanage named Eugene Fitzherbert. The two were as close as brothers, and considered themselves family. Once they grew older and left the orphanage, Arnwaldo and Eugene turned to a life of crime under the aliases Lance Strongbow and Flynn Rider, respectively. The duo were also accompanied by an even more crooked thief called the Baron, who betrayed them during a robbery involving two nobles and Queen Arianna of Corona. At some point, however, Lance and Eugene were separated, the former having been arrested and sent to prison. The two would not see or hear from one another for eight years.