107 - Killua's body fully healed
Killua Zoldyck is the best friend of Gon in the anime and manga series, Hunter X Hunter. He's the same age as Gon, 11 (later 12) years old.

He is from a family of highly skilled assassins but does not wish to become one. He is however well trained in the art, once killing a mass murderer by removing the heart before the killer even knew about it. Although cold and seemingly heartless, he is still a child and values his friendship with Gon and does show interest in things that interests children.

AS the series progresses, he begins intense training along with Gon under the tutelage of Biscuit and as a result, he has become more muscular. The anime ends with him traveling with his sister, Allucka.


  • One of the few people he has shown to be terrified of is his older brother, Illumi.