Joseph Gustav Newton (ジョセフ・グスタフ・ニュートン, Josefu Gusutafu Nyūton) is a character from Terra Formars. He led the Roma Squad before his betrayal.

In addition to his genetic manipulation, his strength, stamina, and endurance are also the result of 600 years of selective human breeding, making him an already powerful human even before his surgery. His strength is enough that he created a mountain out of corpses of Terraformars. However, his sole reason for joining the Annex I is for the sole purpose of selecting a suitable wife, in the form of Michelle. Due to his upbringing, he is incapable of love and only wanted her for the Newton clan's selective breeding reasons. Michelle rejects his offer due to being attracted to Akari Hizamaru, which because of his ego, made him betray the Annex I crew.

He was seemingly killed by Shōkichi and decapitated and split in half. However, his regenerative abilities keep him alive but he is now completely insane.