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Jin Kaitō is the main protagonist of the hentai OVA The Gigolo: Dochinpira. He is a 22 year old professional gigolo and seducer who takes his work very seriously, even refunding money to a girl when he realizes he took her virginity. He is easily able to get any girl to be attracted to him before offering his services. He soon meets Ai Mizushima who challenges him to pleasure her. In spite of his skills and talent, he fails the first time due to underestimating her. He offers her a "sequel" to try again but as they prepare, Jin learns Ai is a secret agent that wants to kill the leader of the Hazakura gang. Jin still has sex with her, this time, pleasuring her but turns down the car as it would make him involved. Jin is forced to help Ai take down the Hazakura boss. The boss mortally wounds Ai, but Ai still manages to kill him. Ai tells Jin she wants to be buried at sea. Ai dies and Jin (who had fallen for her) places her in her car and sends it off a cliff into the sea. Jin goes to his apartment and his roommate Ranko offers to get him "back in the mood."