As the founder and promoter of the GWA, Global Wrestling Assocation; Jackie Oakes long to be part of the show itself, but due to his lack of height, he wasn't taken seriously. He then took his chances and stole 2 key artifacts from museums from towns that the GWA went on tour through, using his low height to get pass security.

Jackie oakes depowered

After acquiring the Talisman of Anubis and ancient Egyptian papyrus that held the spell to unlock the talisman's power, Jackie became possessed by the spirit and power of Anubis, transforming him into a demi-god. He dubbed himself "The Jackal" and proceed to step in the fight between Pain King and Steel Toe, showing how strong he was with his former 2 big stars.

The Jackal went on a rampage in the the stadium, using his magical powers to show case his strength and challenged anyone in the audience to a no-hold-barred match before taking the fight to the crowd.

With the combined work of Kim Possible, Ron Stopable, Pain King, Steel Toe, and Rufus, they managed to removed the talisman from The Jackal, instantly transforming him back to Jackie Oakes, and gets tossed out of the ring and into jail.


Jackie Oaks

Jackie the Jackal