One badass cop... thanks God he's not corrupt.

Jack Slate is the main protagonist of the Dead to Rights video game series and the owner of Shadow a K9 unit dog. He is a cop in the city of Grant City and very strongly implied the only cop not corrupted. In the first game which is also the end of the series, he is framed for the murder of a crime lord he believed killed his father only to learn the Police Chief Dick Hennessey did it and even has several crime lords and the corrupt mayor under his thumb.

At the end of the game, Jack ends up killing the corrupt mayor, another crime lord named Fahook Ubduhl, and Hennessey. Although he says this would unlikely end crime in Grant City, his actions created a power vacuum that'd cause the other criminals to fight for power. However he loses interest in clearing crime in Grant city and fakes his death before facing off against Hennessey.


  1. He had two love interests, Hildy Razwell (unrequited on her part) in the first game and Ruby (actual girlfriend) in the second game.
  2. It's implied he had military training, supported by some of his tattoos.