The Infragable Krunk is a member of the Justice Friends and appears in the Cartoon Cartoon Show, Dexter's Laboratory as part of the Justice Friends side segment. He is a parody of The Incredible Hulk. He has purple skin and wears green pants, which are the skin and pants colors of the Hulk reversed.

He is physically the strongest of the Justice Friends, but also the dumbest. He is a childlike interest for the television show, The Puppet Pals. While one of the nicest and calmest of the Justice Friends, interrupting the Puppet Pals is one of the best ways to get him angry, scaring even his friends, Major Glory and Valhallen. He once fell in love with a muscular female villain similar to him called She-Thing, a parody of She-Hulk. She returned his feelings but at the end of the episode, she went to prison for her crimes. It's implied their relationship redeemed her and she went willingly.