Hunk Chowder
Hunk is a giant who holds Marzipan City above his head. He made his first appearance in "Burple Nurples" when Mung Daal tossed poisoned burple nurples over city limit. Mung Daal had to quickly swing down and snatch the Nurples away from Hunk as he was about to eat them. He also appeared in "The Meach Harvest" and "The Lollistops".

Very little is known about him aside from the fact that he loves burple nurples and hates it when people complain. He also greatly dislikes overly expensive products.


Hunk is a light green giant who is only seen from his abdomen up. He is extremely muscular and has a very square head. He also has curly, pink hair and a small, pink mustache.


  • Hunk is a reference to Atlas of Greek mythology, a Titan punished to hold the sky upon his shoulders following the Titanomachy.
    • Classical art of Atlas depicts him holding celestial spheres, however, Farnese Atlas depicts him carrying a globe, which may have begun the widespread modern misconception that he held up the world.
  • Apparently, Mung did not know of him until Burple Nurples where he was shocked to see him.
  • It is sometimes inconsistent of his presence as sometimes Marzipan City is on a planet in some episodes.