Hunter Mason, also known as Hun is a large, hulking bully, powerful but fast and very skilled in martial arts. He is the leader of the Purple Dragons street gang, the secondary antagonist in the series, and is The Shredder's right hand man. Due to his working with The Shredder, he also works with the Foot Clan. Although he despises all four turtles he has developed an intense rivalry with Casey Jones.

Hun is a master of martial arts. When he was young, Hun was trained by Oroku Saki and became the Shredder's right hand man of the Foot and the Purple Dragons. Next to the Shredder, Hun is the strongest character in the series due to his size. Hun also possesses incredible speed and brute strength - he's capable of handling all four turtles simultaneously and he can even handle the Triceraton Zog.


  • Superhuman strength: Being able to shift the density of his sand, his strength is far stronger than that of an average human.
  • Invulnerability: By mimicing sand, Sandman is invulnerable to physical attacks.