Homer after Gym work and Powersauce bars

The aggressive but loving father to his family, Homer is often depicted as a fatty due to eating junk food and drinking too much beer, though there are rare occasion where he gets his act together and not only be on a diet to slim down, but also gain a muscular physique... though those were temporary within episodes... and sometime were just dream/fantasy settings.



While Marge lists off the symptoms of someone who is addicted to beer, one being to "escape from reality", Homer is in the bathroom, seeing his reflection as a muscular man with pecs that bounce in rhythm.

King of the Hill

After embrassing Bart at a picnic game, Home vows to get into shape. Startng with morning jogs, eating "nutritional" Powersauce bars (made from apple-cores and Chinese newspapers), and joing a Gym, Homer becomes fit and gets a part in a Powesauce publicity stunt to climb the tallest mountain in Springfield, the Murderhorn.


After a Town meeting to legalize gambling in town, Homer inaccurelty accuses of Marge being againist it when she was for it, giving a VERY off flashback where he depicts himself musclar and getting a call from the President.

Marge's Son Posioning.

After bulking up JUST his right arm, Moe has Homer be part of a ruse to trick people into arm wrestling and win bets.