High Sheriff Frollo
High Sheriff Frollo is the main antagonist of The Secret of the Hunchback which was released in 1996 as a mockbuster to the 1996 Disney adaption of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

He is the extremely corrupt sheriff of Paris and is using his position to coerce the citizens into giving him money for protection. The archdeacon and abbot are two of the only people unafraid of him and refuse to cave into him.

After meeting Esmerelda, he becomes attracted to her and uses her gypsy friends to capture Quasimodo. After capturing the archdeacon, he has one of the gypsies pose as the archdeacon to force Esmerelda into marriage or he'd hurt Pierre, the poet she fell in love with.

However his crimes are exposed to the public, forcing him to escape. He soon tangles with Quasimodo and begs for his life only to tackle him off the cathedral. When Esmerelda calls him an animal, he loosens his belt to punish her but it gets stuck to a gargoyle. In his haste to undo the tangle, he knocks the gargoyle loose and it falls onto him, crushing him to death.


  1. In the original novel, Frollo was the archdeacon who raised and cared for Quasimodo and only became villainous due to being attracted to Esmerelda.
  2. He was stated to have been married before but divorce didn't exist back in those days so it's likely his first wife had died. Considering how he didn't think of her fondly, it's likely he himself murdered her.
  3. This is probably the youngest incarnation of Frollo, as most incarnations are often depicted as elderly while this version is in his 30s to maybe early 40s.
  4. This is one of the few time Frollo doesn't fall to his death.