Heathcliff is the Main Character of the Show Heathcliff and the Catillac cats. He's a large orange cat with a black nose and thin black stripes.

Feline Good

After successfully humiliating and trouncing jock Personal trainer Biff Biceps after he was put through a torturous workout session, Heathcliff casually walks out of the gym and it seen the experience has done wonders for his physique as it shown all his fat is turned into muscle. Smiling confidently, with his eyes closed, Put's an arm behind his back flexes a large bicep. Then pulls his arms back flexing his arms and triceps and pumping his chest up. Then finally flexing his two huge biceps and his chest fully flexed. The gym cat girls are stunned and wowed and Heathcliff's girlfriend Sonja is amazed and swooned at the muscular hunk he has become.

Pumping Irony


Gym girls- WOW! Look at that Body!

Sonja- Look at those Muscles! My Heathy!