Goblin King
The Goblin King is the secondary (though much more dangerous) antagonist of the 1997 animated adaption of the operetta, Babes in Toyland.

He rules the goblin forest with his goblin subjects but along with Barnaby, the main antagonist, he too seeks the destruction of Toyland and the Toyland factory. Though demonic in appearance, he seems to command great respect and loyalty from the goblins.

The Goblin King was an immensely powerful monster, able to hold back a physically fit Tom and had such thick skin, hurt Tom's hand when he punched him. His only weakness is light, which enabled the heroes to escape. He follows the rule that only a resident of toyland can lead him and his army to the Toyland gates.

After Barnaby is thwarted from destroying the factory, he leads the Goblin king to the gates and his goblins attack the town. Once Tom activates the giant toy soldiers, the goblins are pushed back and the army defeated. Barnaby insulted the Goblin King who then tries to kill Barnaby. Before he can, the toy soldier and Barnaby's nephews shine light on the Goblin King, who unable to escape, explodes into dust.