HNA Giant 14
"Well, you see. We are more 'Notuctrunal Villains'. You see that means we only operate at night." - Giant

The giant who appears in the animted movie "Happily N'Ever After" is a large brutus human like being. He wears a purple cloak with a skull broche with blue pants. Both pieces of clothing are tatter and disheveled, as well as appearing to be realy small for his size. He also seem to have a fake/damage left eye. He also has red hair, but it is mostly stubble, as well as a 5 O'Cloack shadow. He also has crooked teeth. But dispite having looking like a thugish brute, the giant have refined vocabulary and dictation.

Role in the Happily N'Ever After story

Like everyone else in the movie, the giant is the villain of "Jack and Beanstalk" and after Frieda, Cindy's wicked step-mother tipped the scales of the story, the giant stepped on Jack as soon as the boy reached the top of the beanstalk.

The giant was also drawn to Prince Humperdink/Wizard's castle when Frieda summons all the villains of land to come to her to take over the give them their "Happily N'Ever After" after all their time loosing. The giant made quick work of the guards and gates of the castle.

After the take over, he was enjoying a salad (a tree) with the 3 big bad wolves.

He was also the who spoke out againist Frieda's plans to capture Cindy in the day, as they are "nocturnal villains" who only work at night... Frieda responded to this by shrinking him as an example of what would happen to everyone who DIDN'T do what she says.


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