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General Slaughter is a bull that serves as one of the many main villains that work for the Dark Queen in Battletoads. He makes several appearances throughout the games, appearing in every one except for Battletoads in Battlemaniacs.


General slaughter is a tall bull with a muscular physique and purple mohawk. He wears various outfits over the series, but is always scantily-clad.

In the first game, his outfit is mainly black leather, including boots, briefs, a spiked collar, spiked shoulder pads, and a metal Viking helmet.

In the Game Boy game, he wears disjointed black leather on his collar, elbows, knees, pelvis, shoulders and wrists. The leather on his collar, knees and shoulders are spiked.

In animated pilot, his outfit is similar to his Game Boy appearance, but he also wears a black gladiator's skirt.

In Battletoads and Double Dragon, he wears disjointed blue battle armour on his elbows, knees, pelvis, shoulders and wrists. None of the armour pieces are spiked.

In the arcade game, he wears a similar outfit at in Battletoads and Double Dragon, but also wears black fishnet mesh on his upper arms (connecting his pelvis and knee armour) and forelegs (connecting his shoulder and elbow armour) and an earring on his left ear.

Major Appearances

In the first game, Battletoads, Slaughter is fought as a boss in Stage 10, the Rat Race. To reach him, you need to successfully deactivate all the bombs while racing the rat.

In the Game Boy game, Slaughter is the boss of Stage 1.

In Battletoads and Double Dragon, Slaughter appears twice as a miniboss in Stage 5, Missile Mayhem. His fighting method has changed since the first game; he whacks the player with his hands if you get close enough to him, and if they try to headbutt him, he will attempt to charge at them with his horns.

The ferocious bull makes his last major appearance in the arcade game, where he is the boss of Level 1. His strategy consist of pounding you and ramming you offscreen.

Battletoads Animated Pilot

General Slaughter also makes an appearance in the animated pilot as one of the Dark Queen's assistants. Oddly, he is the only one that speaks and is referred to by name. He was voiced by Scott McNeil.