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Fearless Fred is Betty Boop's semi-regular boyfriend who appeared in the earlier cartoon series from 1933-1934. He makes his first appearance in She Wronged Him Right. In Betty Boop's Trial Fred pursues Betty while she accidentally breaks the speed limit. Freddy arrests her and take her to traffic court. Fearless Fred also makes several appearances throughout 1934 in She Wronged Him Right, Betty Boop's Life Guard, There's Something About A Solider and Betty Boop's Prize Show. Fearless Fred made his last appearance in No! No! A Thousand Times No! an old-fashioned melodrama. He was later brought back for a one-shot appearance in the original comic book series and 1985 animated film The Romance of Betty Boop. Fred made his last appearance in the 1990 comic strip Betty Boop's Big Break, in which he appears as a lifeguard.