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EEstes Pangborn (AKA Vice Principle Pangborn) is the Vice Principal at Jim Jr. Highschool. He is voiced by Clancy Brown.


The Principal and School Coach/Gym Teacher of the junior high where the tweenage Rugrats go to school is a former wrestler named Mr. Pangborn. Although the kids (especially Dil) are intrigued by his past, Pangborn has left his wild days behind him... sort of. Occasionally he can lose control and rip his office door off the hinges, but mostly he enjoys writing and reciting his awful poetry. Perhaps he should have stuck with wrestling


Vice Principal Pangborn is the Vice Principal and a gym teacher at the Rugrats school in All Grown Up!. He is a former champion wrestler but now he likes to write poetry. Pangborn also likes to observe Dil because of his weirdness but occasionally asks Dil for advice. He is in a relationship with the Rugrats' drama teacher Miss O'Keats. He is feared by the students, except Dil who considers him a friend