Homer vs. Drederick... well more like Homer gets beat up by Drederick Tatum.

Drederick Tatum is a minor character in the long lasting animated series, The Simpsons.

He is a heavyweight boxer prone to violence and speaks with a lisp and is a parody of Mike Tyson.

His only major role to date is the episode, The Homer They Fall where Moe takes advantage of Homer's inability to fall down and makes him a boxer. Homer would wear out many boxers and tap them down to win due to him being very weak due to obesity and lack of exercise. This attracts the attention of Lucius Sweet, a parody of Don King and Tatum's manager. He has Homer and Tatum fight in the ring but unlike other boxers, Tatum was not tiring out due to a large amount of stamina and training and would have killed Homer if Moe didn't fly in and save Homer. Homer lost the match due to abandonment.