Drake is the primary antagonist of the film The Pebble and the Penguin.  He was voiced by Tim Curry.

Like Hubie, Drake also wants Marina to be his mate, but only for vain purposes.  Seeing Hubie as a rival, Drake throws Hubie in the sea and takes Marina to his lair. 

While Hubie is onboard a ship, he looks into the pebble he hoped to propose to Marina and sees Drake attempt to propose to Marina.  Marina chooses Hubie over Drake but Drake warns her if she does not choose a mate by the next full moon mating ceromony, she would be banished.  Hubie becomes determined to get back to Antarctica to save Marina.  Meanwhile, Drake keeps trying to get Marina to be his mate, but she keeps refusing him.  By the time of the full moon mating ceromony, Drake kidnaps Marina and tries to force her to marry him.  Hubie arrives and fights Drake.  Drake wins the first fight and grabs Marina, but Hubie gets back up and is able to defeat Drake and send him falling into the water in his lair.  Drake gets back up and grabs a large rock Marina was standing on and throws it at Hubie.  This causes his entire lair to collapse onto him, crushing Drake to death.


  • Drake is similar to Gaston in that both are muscular and attractive to women, with the exception of the girl they want to marry. Both also sought to get rid of their love rivals and go to other villainous lengths to marry their love interests.