America wants to know!

Where did Daren-the-Lion–that adorable yet courageous and street-smart mascot come from–it is the question that’s sweeping the nation. Years ago, Yogi Bear was the spokes-bear for D.A.R.E., but he was getting too busy taking care of Jellystone Park. So, D.A.R.E. America started a nation-wide search for the next spokes-being. We searched everywhere, looking for someone who was brave, courageous, kind and not afraid to take a stand against drugs and violence. Someone suggested Daren be considered for the job. He was interviewed by D.A.R.E. America staff and it was unanimous: he was the perfect spokes-lion. Daren has always said “NO” to drugs and has helped the children of the world make the same decision. If anyone tried to talk someone (like you) into making bad choices Daren would be there to provide the strength and courage to make the right choice: to resist drugs and violence. Daren has been the very best spokes-lion anyone could hope for. At D.A.R.E. America we hope all young people can and will live a drug-free life like Daren and have the same courage to say no to drugs, gangs and violence.