A Siamese Cat who likes jazz and puzzles, but can't stand the insanity that Bunnicula the vampire rabbit brings in his life.

Season 1

Bunnicula shows Chester and Harold a puzzle cube to test their problem solving skills. WHile Harold and Chester do great, but at the end, with no real anwser. Chester sums up they can solve the puzzle anyway they can, to which CHester grows in size and muscle, with wings and laser eyes to escape the puzzle, to which Chester greats praise from both Bunnicula and Harold... only to turn out that Chester was in a state of mental breakdown from trying to open the box.

Season 2

Convience that Bunnicula, who was turned to metal to poorly cooked carrots in a new metal pan, was a fake. Legosi kidnapped Chester to make him his new master, comeplete with supernatural powers thanks to a magic totem. Chester retrained his orginal personality, until Legosi used the totem's power to take over his mind and make him fight Bunnicula. In the end, he was returned back to normal when the idol was broken.