Chanticleer is one of the main characters in the film, Rock A Doodle.

He is the rooster on a farm who has the ability to wake up the sun by crowing. He has an amazing singing voice (he is voiced by Glen Cambell after all) and a hearthrob to all the females on the farm. His ability to wake up the sun does not bode well for the Owls especially their evil sorcerer leader, the Grand Duke of Owls.

One night, the Owls hire another rooster to fight Chanticller and although Chanticleer wins the fight, he forgets to crow and the sun goes up without him. Disgraced and laughed at, Chanticleer goes to the city and becomes an Elvis impersonator. However the sun sinks back down shortly after and an endless rainfall occurs.

As the farm animals along with a boy named Edmond who was transformed into a kitten by the Duke's sorcery search for Chanticleer, he falls in love with Goldie Pheasant, another singer. She eventually helps the animals and Chanticleer escape the city. However, Chanticleer is out of practice crowing so the Duke becomes a tornado to destroy everyone trying to cheer him on. Chanticleer regains his ability and awakens the sun which destroys the Duke's power, rendering him helpless.  The Duke is then presumable killed by his nephew, Hunch.

Chanticleer stays on the farm and marries Goldie, gaining two little chicks in the process.